Now there is a treatment for chronic pain, without any medication

Chronic pain affects a large population, suffering from chronic invalidating conditions, such as fibromyalgia, diabetes or surgical effects.

Although several medications are successful to treat this condition, pharmacological treatment is often effective but results into significant side effects.

Treatment using deepTMS(TMS) offers an effective, safe and non-invasive option to treat chronic pain.

The treatment applies a magnetic stimulation to brain networks related to neuropathic pain.
It can be used to modulate cortical excitability and hinder painful perception in the brain with a significant improvement of the quality of life.

This procedure does not require hospitalization, it is well tolerated and does not entail significant systemic side effects.

Unlike normal tms that only stimulates superficial structures of brain cortex, deepTms by brainsway reaches deeper areas of the brain without increasing pulses, which would imply side effects.

What is the treatment that worked in 85% of cases?

Deep Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Fibromyalgia, arthrosis, neuralgia, trauma effects, are only few of the many forms of chronic pain. One Italian out of five suffers from one of these conditions, but they not always have a prompt diagnosis.

Brain stimulation techniques are thus extremely important to treat chronic pain.

Treatment includes 20 meetings of 20 minutes each, occuring over one month. Patients are cared by a team of psychiatrists and specialized technicians. During treatment, patients are awake and they do not feel any pain or experience side effects.



Prices include the entire treatment
Full treatment includes 20 daily meetings lasting 20 minutes that occur over one month. The treatment costs € 3000.00 and includes the introductory evaluation by a psychiatrist and supervision for the entire treatment by a specialized technician.

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