Now you can treat cocaine addiction without taking any medication

If you visit this page you are already aware that or someone you know have an addiction to cocaine and this is a first step towards the solution of the problem.

There is no need of listing all problems related to cocaine assumption, you certainly know about them.

However, it is important to know that cocaine assumption alters some brain dynamics, triggering a chain reaction or a vicious loop.

This loop makes us repeat the same actions over and over again, as our brain is in command and needs to be fed: this desire is technically called craving.

Often a simple place, scent, or gesture can trigger the emergence in the brain of the stimulus to assume cocaine, and this stimulus grows stronger as it self-feeds.

Some brain areas govern these drives, and feed or trigger the stimulus that pushes us to take a substance.

Brain Stimulation Italia was established to solve these problems.

What is the treatment that worked in 85% of cases?

Deep Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Thanks to electromagnetism, we stimulate and restore some brain areas. With reference to depression, we target the frontal right area.

Treatment includes 20 meetings of 20 minutes each, occuring over one month. Patients are cared by a team of psychiatrists and specialized technicians. During treatment, patients are awake and they do not feel any pain or experience side effects.



Prices include the entire treatment
Full treatment includes 20 daily meetings lasting 20 minutes that occur over one month. The treatment costs € 3000.00 and includes the introductory evaluation by a psychiatrist and supervision for the entire treatment by a specialized technician.

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